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Hey there! If you're reading this that means we have already connected on something! Either YOUR ARE getting married, you have fur babies that you ADORE, or you just love photography. Not only am I a photographer but I work in the medical field with OBGYN!

That guy you see in the picture, that's Cody my hubby as of January 18th 2020! He popped the question back in July when we were in France. So now I'm Ashleigh Donahue Fallaw! #fallawmetothechapel

The biggest thing I want you to know, is that as your photographer, I put myself in your shoes.I want you to enjoy every part of your wedding experience, maternity or just grabbing the entire family together for pictures. I understand everyone has full time jobs, a life to enjoy and everything in between!  


A shleigh!

hi, i'm

hi, i'm


I'm a southern girl, puppy and kitty mama, wife to the most loving husband, and intensive care nurse. My husband and I got married May of 2018 and it was the most magical day of my life. Bath and body works candles, comfy pajamas, and peonies make my heart so happy. I'm a big fan of authenticity, I believe in love, and meeting new friends is one of my absolute favorite things. 

I'm just a girl with a camera with a heart that has a deep passion for telling love stories through my photographs. I'm a big fan of real emotions and capturing those real emotions is my goal because that is where all the magic happens. My hope is that my bright and airy images make you feel, and when you look back on your images they bring you an overwhelming sense of joy.

capturing romantic moments in s.c. + beyond