Katie’s Bridal’s // Taylor Plantation

FINALLY! I can share with everyone this sweet girl’s bridal portraits we did back a few months back. Remember guys when we would have a warm day and then it may or may not have rained and you weren’t sure? Well the bottom fell out on us up until five minutes before we started and goodness were we hot! Thanks South Carolina for your crazy weather but that’s okay because we nailed this shoot! I love doing bridals because you really get to know the bride as a person and put aside all the wedding craziness and enjoy them “feeling like the bride” for once. During this session I really got to know Katie’s mom, Mrs. Darla who was so funny and sweet the entire time and helped me OUT SO MUCH with small details (a towel under the dress, carrying items around and making sure Katie and I were not going to pass out from the heat) So ladies, whoever comes with you on portrait day make sure to thank them because they make pictures like these happen! Really though Katie is such a sweet and beautiful soul and I could not have been happier to be apart of her journey!