It Took a Little Longer

It’s the stories that I open in my inbox that draws me to you. It’s getting to know why you picked your “person”, why you know you can do this ONE life with this ONE person. It’s when you hear a song and your mind goes straight to them, it’s when you watch cheesy love movies, those one liners that get you ( I mean hello Sweet Home Alabama “So I can kiss you anytime I want!”) or when your about to be a mom or already have kiddos that love that SHARK SONG (if you know what song I’m talking about it bless it) I know it sounds crazy but I love to get to know my clients, if its from photographing your maternity portraits to the big wedding day to wanting to grab a drink and just talk about whatever is going on in life. When I first started out about 5 years ago, I felt like I compared myself to everyone around me, especially in photography land and in normal day to day to life. I wanted to end up with this huge business and travel all around the world and do it fast. I wanted to already be settled down with a family and kids and eat Sunday meals around the table. I wanted to tell a story just like the ones that entered my inbox. I felt someway that social media made life look perfect when I felt like mine was the farthest from it. I always thought to myself how can I relate to my clients when my journey in life is not like theirs. The thing was and still is my life did a big 180 and it was and still is the Lord’s plan. I went through an engagement that was not made for me, I changed careers in the medical field after being somewhere for 8 years, learned what a real friend is, that family is not just blood but the ones that are there for you when stuff hits the fan, being an aunt that can make a difference, trying to figure out how to be great girlfriend and hope one day a loving wife. So when I tell my story, it may seem a little all over the place but if didn’t happen then I would not be where I am now. I’m still learning but I did realize I wasn’t serving my business, my passion the right way in the past and had to learn that in order to LOVE what I do and do good at what I LOVE I had to treat others the way I wanted to be treated and learn to be patient. I finally went into life all together wanting to know the people, talking about THEM and involving them in my life. I started to notice that it showed in my work life and my home life. So when you hit the send button on your email or text, tell me your story! I’ll be here ready to read and enjoy the whys.