Community Over Competition

When starting a business it may feel like you’re against everyone. That is far from the truth though! I remember when I started getting into photography, I would compare myself and envy the person afar. Little did I know at that time that there is WAY more out there than trying to be better than the person beside me!

I’m not sure when it happened but it did. The moment I stopped caring what another photographer was doing but wanted to get to “KNOW” them as person. I wanted to get involved into the community of the photography world but not get caught up in who’s better than who. I signed up for a mentorship that opened SO many new doors for me. I met new photographers, other creatives (WHO WERE NOT PHOTOGRAPHERS!), started to second shoot, learned who I was a person when it came to being a photographer and learned a lot about myself.

Shortly after meeting new people, now who I adore and call my close friends. I wanted to grow my business but also help others that was were I was in the beginning! I reached out to newer photographers, newer creatives and just took a leap of faith. Now I sit back and see everyone’s growth and friendship grow.

This sweet soul that you see in this blog post is Emily! I remember a few months back she sent me a personal message on Instagram about a picture I posted. Through out that time she would send encouraging comments and just say simple things like “this picture is beautiful!” or if I posted something about my day she would say how she loves doing the same thing. While being so kind, Emily was finishing up her nursing degree which she can proudly say she is an RN! While she was in school she felt like photography was also a calling. I called Emily up to ask if you would want to meet and swap out headshots and hang out! We had so much fun laughing at the wind messing up our hair, people walking by asking if we were just out here taking photos of each other lol and just talking about our goals for our future and business!

So find yourself some REAL friends who are in your type of business and branch out and get to know them! You never know what kind of plans God has in store for you and that person!





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