Mr. + Mrs. Shirley | Southern Charm Wedding

I met Katie a few years ago, when she asked me to photograph her RN graduation! That’s when I met her sweet boys and mom. We all walked around getting to know one another and celebrating Katie’s success! Few months went by and Katie told me she was engaged!! I had already knew ALL about this guy name Brady! Katie described him as the most caring man and who LOVED her boys. You could see just how much she loved this man. I finally met Brady during their engagement session on a HOT summer day in South Carolina! For anyone who lives in South Carolina, the heat here is NO JOKE ! Brady smiled and loved on Katie and handled the heat with her.

This past spring, I witnessed Katie, Brady and the boys become ONE family. As her little boys walked her down the isle, the tears and smile from Brady was a sweet memory. The small boys hands let go of Katie’s as they gave her away to Brady. This moment was amazing to watch. A forever memory.

Thank you for letting me enjoy this journey with you guys. I love watching the boys grow and you two as parents! You two are SUCH great role models and I’m SO happy I was able to capture the making of Mr. + Mrs. Shirley!!


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