Who I am!

Hey there!


I just wanted to take a minute and introduce myself!


I’m Ashleigh Donahue soon to be Mrs. Ashleigh Donahue Fallaw!! I recently got engaged while Cody and I were over in France in July. Between planning our big day, I’m also photographing all my ADP couples weddings. While I am doing full time wedding photography, I still capture lifestyle sessions. After my couples get married, I love to follow them through their journey in life. From anniversary to maternity to the birth of their little ones!

If you know me, you know I’m a busy body. Not only am I photographer but I also work in the medical field. You will see me running around the office with Lexington Woman’s Care OBGYN! I love helping people and being there for them when they need it.

I’m known as the little sister and Stephanie is the person I run to for everything. I have this cute little nephew Barrett, that I get pure entertainment from. You will see Gus (my golden retriever) + Ellie (Cody’s Jack Russell) everywhere we go. If I’m not with these guys, I’m off planning our next trip! I have the worse travel bug ever. My goal is to travel to Califorina or Hawaii in the next year or two!

Pretty much, I’m a laid back have fun and enjoy the day kind of person. I will give you the shirt off my back or listen to you vent about life. I love to have a good coffee and grab a drink after work. Friends and family is all that I need to make a good day!





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