A little France getaway!

Normandy, France will always hold a special place in my heart. As Cody and I traveled from Paris to Normandy back in July we enjoyed every part of it. Little did I know Cody was holding off on something even bigger the day before we came back home! Yes! You heard that right haha he waited to POP the question the last night in France!

Here’s a little back story for anyone interested!! Over in France, there is literally sunlight from 5:30 am until almost 11:00 pm. It’s crazy! We were over in France for a little getaway plus for a wedding workshop I was involved in. We had made new friends during the workshop and Cody wanted to take pictures after dinner. Little did he know I was exhausted from taking pictures! I turned him down about THREE times before I finally gave in! One of sweet new friends Alyssa and her husband who had attended the workshop with her, planned this surprise proposal¬†30 minutes before it happened! As we headed to the back of the chateau we were staying at, the sun was getting ready to set! If you look at these pictures its about 10:00 pm at night and we were headed to the airport at 6am! Cody said he was not going to leave France without a ring on my hand. I could not have asked for a better way to end our trip!


  1. Jaime Lampkin says:

    Beautiful pictures of a wonderful couple! Can’t wait to see your wedding photos!! Congratulations again!!

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