Five Wedding Tips

You’re engaged! So what now?! I’m here to give you a different insight on your journey! For anyone who’s new here. I’m Ashleigh and I’m a wedding photographer based out of South Carolina! I recently got married to my sweet hubby Cody almost a month ago. The other day, I was just thinking to myself I CAN’T believe how fast this season of my life went by. So I wanted to give all my couples a word of advice!


   Enjoy being engaged. Don’t rush trying to get to your wedding day. You only get to be engaged once to this person. Celebrate daily and go explore life together. TRAVEL! Oh my goodness – PLEASE travel. Cody and I any chance we could during our engagement, we did whatever we wanted together. Make sure you get engagement portraits! It’s the perfect chance to get a fill of your wedding photographer and have an idea of how pictures will go on your wedding day. You get to dress up and enjoy this moment in your lives.


 Have you ever been told that a bridal portrait is a southern tradition? Here is my two cents on doing bridals before the wedding day! Its the perfect time to see how your wedding gown fits, how your bridal bouquet looks, what you like and don’t like with your hair and makeup. Why not get to wear your gown more than once right?!  So schedule your bridal session and ENJOY every bit of it!


 Get yourself a lettered ring box! After the first evening that I removed my ring off my finger. I was so nervous about something happening to it. Now I have a ringbox with the letter “F” on it and it holds my engagement ring and wedding band every single evening! Plus its fun to have something very simple be so sentimental!


 Here is the BIGGEST PIECE OF ADVICE. Make your wedding day about the TWO of you. Have fun with it and enjoy it! Sometimes when you try and make everything perfect, it’s more stressful. Be creative and don’t worry what “trends” are out there or what others think. Everyone will enjoy your wedding more if they feel like it was “YOU!” On our wedding day, we completely messed up our vows and laughed our way through it. Cody was really sick and our rose petal exit, the bottom fell out. But our guest and family told us it was one of the most personal, funniest weddings they had attended and loved that they felt “apart of our day”


 Remember. When everything is over and its the next day, the next week or the next 10 years. Remember why you fell in love and continue to date one another. Work through life together and grow together. Both of you will change but change together. Speak highly of one another to each other and to others.


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