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What do you think about when you hear the saying field day? For me, I revert back to my elementary school days! My teachers all got together with other grades and they would just have a enjoyable day outdoors with us. I can remember the warm air against my cheeks as we did team races. Playing a fun game of kickball and making tie dyed t-shirts.

With the the world having us vacation at home, it makes me remember the old days. As Stephanie and I were watching Barrett, my little nephew play in the dirt. Without thinking, I said “You know what, we should make our own field day!” Find your softball bag, tell Toby to bring whatever he wants and we will all play outdoors with Barrett. Mind you were all laughing at the idea. But guess what, we made it happen this past Saturday!


Cody and I headed over to our property and waited on the Jackson family to arrive. No makeup on, hair pulled back and my professional camera left back at the house. I was ready to enjoy this day! Stephanie sent me a picture saying they loaded up the truck and Barrett was field day ready.

When they pulled up we all busted out laughing saying “Well lets get our field day started.” Let me take you back to how pretty and warm this past Saturday felt. The warm weather I felt on my cheeks when I was younger felt WAY hotter at the age of 28. Chasing after a two year old wore me out! Yes, Im out of shape. But boy did I have a good time!

Toby pulled out his golf clubs and Barrett set up his right beside him. We had no game plan, no teams. We just started hitting golfballs. Then it was time to play softtball. For anyone who doesn’t know this. Toby, Stephanie and Cody all played ball back in their day. For me, I just wanted to crochet and not play sports until late middle school. Trust me, I was reminded of this Saturday. I placed the old beaten glove on and attempted to catch the flying softballs coming my way. I missed it, a BUNCH. So I was not about to be a teacher to Barrett! Cody stood in as the pitcher, Toby waited by the “first base”, Steph stood behind Barrett teaching him to bat and I would play catcher.

We ended field day with a cookout by the truck. Making hamburgers and eating Barrett’s Cheeto puffs around a bonfire. Its honestly refreshing and fun to go back and “be a kid” again. If I have learned anything during this time so far. It’s to actually enjoy being able to spend time with my family. Hop off the cell phone and enjoy being outdoors and playing sports like back in the day!

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