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From what we were told, Cody and I laughed and kissed through our entire wedding day. Which is exactly how I pictured it to be!


As we were getting ready, the guys were over at the bunk house shooting skeet. At one point Stephanie and Haley found themselves out doing the guys in skeet. I loved having our wedding party and family within walking distance the entire day.

When the girls made it back to the room, all I wanted to do was grab my hair and makeup stylist, Courtney Rae Smith and go find Cody after hearing what he was doing! Haha I just wanted to hang out with him.

Everyone finished getting ready while I walked towards the chapel to do my first look with my dad and then Cody.

I LOVED our first look. I felt like we were able to take everything all in and just kiss and laugh and talk. To just be US.

After we had our time alone, our photographer Courtney Price grabbed our wedding party and started pictures! The people you see in our wedding party, their more than our friends. They have become our family!

During the ceremony well that’s a story in itself!

We bought Barrett, my nephew a stuff dinosaur to walk down the aisle with! I felt like that was something that would keep his attention and make it down the aisle as the ring bear and HE DID! As soon as I made it down to Cody. Barrett looked at us then tossed his dinosaur and bolted haha. That’s when the laughter in the chapel started. Then it was time to say our vows! Okay..well I tried! I 100% couldn’t repeat them and said you know I want to marry you! Cody instead of saying “I DO” said “I will.” If you didn’t know this, Cody had almost NO voice on our wedding day. (We ended up at the urgent care the following morning at 8am) but that was after he enjoyed the rest of the night!

As we walked out the chapel, our guest lined up and we had a ceremony petal exit! The rain held out until this moment and it ended up being perfect. Sorry everyone who ended soaked! But it was so much fun seeing everyone as we went by them.

On to our reception

During our reception, we danced the evening away with our band! Big Big Plans by Chris Lane was our first dance song. We hung out with friends and family and enjoyed the open bar! Tons of group singing and hilarious dance moves. After the last song, which of course was “Small town girl.” Our wedding party hopped in the limo and took us out! That I don’t have many pictures of but man that will forever be one of our best memories of the night!


Best Day Ever!

This honestly was the best day 0f my life. Everyone always tells you that this day will FLY by. It does, but one of my friends told me a week before the wedding. Take a minute to yourself throughout the day and look around. Remember the small things, the laughter and the feelings. That will get you through the rest of your life. That was the best advice I could have gotten. Because I did just that! So now every picture has some small story behind.


NOW! FINALLY were Mr. & Mrs. Cody Fallaw!


Venue: Tin Roof Farms | Planner: Pamela Morgan Events | Band: Emerald Empire Band | Photographer: Courtney Price | H&M: Courtney Rae Smith | Cake: Cake Collection Boutique | Rental: Party Reflections | Florist: Lake Murray Flower Shoppe | Live Painter : 626 art and design | Catering: Shealys Bqq | Videographer: Made Wedding Film

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