My Top Three Wedding Poses


Some of my couples have told me this is their first time in front of camera! Well I am here to tell you that you have NOTHING to worry about! I’m going to take you through three of my favorite wedding poses. The biggest thing to remember when you are the BRIDE AND GROOM. Is to trust your photographer. A good photographer will know how to make your portraits look effortless and stunning! All you have to worry about is spending this time with your spouse.


  1. Rest your head on his shoulder – This image shows off your grooms feelings. How much he loves and cares for you. While he’s smiling down at you, you get to just TAKE IT ALL IN! You my friend are now officially a WIFE!


2. Underneath The Veil – This one IS a lot of my couples favorites. Especially because their veil was that last added touch when they said yes to the dress! This is where all three of us will get super close under the veil! Here you two will get a really good close of of how you two feel towards one another. To tie it all in the veil makes this portrait super dreamy and cozy!


3. Snuggle with me but hold my flowers – This one shows off  a little of everything. This pose shows off not only the emotions but your makeup, earring,  flower and a different view of your gown. As for your husband, it shows off his suit and gets to hold on to the flowers!  Also this one just makes you stop and takes you back to all your feels.

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