Should I Do A First Look With My Dad?

Should I do a first look with my dad?

That’s one of the many questions I get from my brides. Here is what I think about first looks with the dads!!

I always talk with dad’s throughout the wedding day believe it or not! They are just as nervous as the bride. A good nervous one dad told me! But he didn’t leave it at that. I’ll never forget what he said after!

My daughter is still my little girl in my eyes. I can remember the day her mother told me we were having a baby. My whole world changed from that day. Then when the doctor told us we were having a BABY GIRL, all I could think about was that I want to be everything for her and my wife. From scraped knees to nightly prayers, I watched my little girl grow up to become this outstanding woman. I prayed for her future husband and for the day I had to shake his hand. I’m handing my baby girl over to this man who will continue watching over her while I’m not there.

He asked me, “Do you have any kiddos?” I responded back saying “No sir, not yet.” Then he took a breath and said, “When that time comes, weather you have a little boy or girl. Make sure you and your husband raises that little one to love people but most importantly pray for their future spouse daily. Because something you took up SO much time with and loved beyond anything else. You want nothing but the best for them. ┬áSo you pray that their future spouse will continue that love.”

Let your dad have this time with you on your wedding day. Save this moment and take it all in! You will be able to have these portraits for generations to come! Also! Try not to show your dad what your dress looks like BEFORE THE WEDDING! Let me him be surprised!


The Brides first look with her dad

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