How to create different looks from one pose

Ever think…How can I create different views from one pose? Well, I’m here to tell you how!


Start off by picking a stance. Here I have sweet Holly sitting (that will be my base). Next I give her hands something to do. Once I have those two things squared away I then need to give Holly guidance on what to do with her head and smile.

I always like to get THREE different views. A FULL shot, a MEDIUM shot, and a CLOSE UP shot. This creates extra images and can really change up the look of your image. Guide your client and make them feel comfortable. If you see them do something natural that looks good let them know!

Holly was really good at doing a soft lip smile which brings you into the details of what is going on in the picture. Have fun and remember THINKING OUTSIDE the box is a great thing to do!!

Boho wedding

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