Zach + Stephanie | Downtown Engagement Session

Sometimes, in life, you meet people so genuinely kind that it catches you off guard. Not because you’re surprised that such kindness exists; but because, in the moment, you think, If everyone was like them, what a more beautiful world it would be. That’s how I felt the first time I talked with Stephanie & Zach –– and it wasn’t even in person! They were in the middle of moving Zach to Kansas while trying to navigate being newly engaged!

To make this even better, my associate Emily captured this breathtaking engagement in Downtown Columbia, South Carolina! Emily called me right after their session saying how KIND and SWEET these were. Stephanie since day one has been so encouraging and already like a friend to not just me but Emily as well.

We seriously CAN NOT wait for July and to see you and Zach become husband and wife!




Elegant downtown Columbia South Carolina engagement session with Ashleigh Donahue Photography

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