Proper Etiquette for Wedding Invitations

When thinking about weddings the solid traditions and “rules of thumb” never seem to go out of style. I wanted to take some time this week on the blog to discuss proper etiquette for brides when it is time to send out Save the Dates and Formal Wedding Invitations. Addressing invitations properly, using proper names for guests are important details to follow to give your wedding that “formal feel”.

Here are some examples to use and rules of thumb for addressing Inside Envelopes and Outside Envelopes for wedding invitations.

Format for Addressing Invitations

Example One: Married Couples- Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Snyder or Mr. Lucas Snyder and Mrs. Calli Snyder and inside the envelope can simply be Mr. and Mrs. Snyder

Example Two: Engaged Couples or Long Term Relationship Guests- Mr. Price Wallace and Ms. Angela Jones and inside the envelope can be Price and Angela or Mr. Wallace and Ms. Jones

Example Three: Families with children- this one can be a little tricky as there are some rules for small children and then families with children 18+. Children 18+ should get their own invitation outside of the household.

The outside of the envelope should be reserved for the parents. Ex: Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hutchinson and on the inside Michael, Susan, Margaret and Sam Hutchinson

Example Four: Guests with Distinguished Titles- Dr. Steven Henderson and Mrs. Henderson

Timeline Etiquette

When planning for a wedding, using proper etiquette for the timeline is very important. You want to offer time in between save the dates and formal invitations. Following these “rules of thumb” will give your guests plenty of time for notice of the wedding. This is important to consider for travel plans, hotel accommodations and prioritize the wedding.

Save The Dates: 6-9 months prior to a wedding

Formal Invitations: 6-8 weeks prior to a wedding

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