Meet Ashleigh




Heyyyy! I’m Ashleigh.

I’m not really great at talking about myself so here goes!! I FINALLY got my braces off and I’m super excited about it. I’m an AUNT to Baby Barrett, a sister and a friend. I pour my heart into my work and the people around me. I’m far from perfect which makes me a pretty down to earth person! I love to enjoy life day by day because I have no idea what may happen! I am basic at times (but lets be honest who isn’t haha) I need at least one cup of coffee before starting my day, I could eat sweets day or night, Ill attempt the gym or one crunch, least to say I tried 🙂 I love to stay connected with the Lord along with a good book and LOVE devotionals! Most importantly though I’m here to be not just your photographer but a friend! There is so much more that goes on in front of the camera that you can’t forget that person! So I hope you enjoy my site and everyone who has walked this journey with me!