What kind of wedding photographer do you have?

Want to know what goes on in the world of a wedding photographer? Well here is a glimpse of what it is! It’s this exciting feeling you get opening up an email from your future bride and groom and getting to read about who they are even before you meet them. It’s the moment you sit down with the couple and they say YES! to you being the one capturing one of their biggest moments in their life..You get to your first session of many, “the engagement shoot” and that’s when you truly see the couple as who they are with one another and it’s like they are on their first date again..laughing, being shy, playing around and everything else that comes along with it. That’s when you end up with the best pictures..it shows who they are and it’s THEM, its why everyone that comes to their wedding comes, because that’s how they picture the two. Then it’s off to the “bridal shoot” and that is when you learn how the bride fell for her groom. It’s the first time she gets to try her dress on after looking for the “right one”, it’s the moment she realizes that she will be saying “I do” to the man she prayed about. Then finally….THE WEDDING..the moment the bride and groom, their wedding party, the family and myself have been waiting for. One person once asked me “how do you do this, capture every single detail on such a busy day?” Its simple honestly, you have to have this passion and most importantly since I received the couple’s email I have been planning since day one! Then it’s time to sit down, drink a glass of wine and start working on the pictures. After everything has been looked through and processed it’s time to send out the gallery and then send the newly weds “sweet gifts” letting them know that I could not be more thankful for them asking me to grab moments of them that will turn into wonderful memories for years to come. So when it’s all said and done and you are looking for the right wedding photographer make sure you find “your person” the one that will make every session you leave feeling happy and excited!