Lauren & Matt// Engagement Session

I met Lauren back in the spring when she asked me to do her USC graduation pictures! When we were walking around the horseshoe I asked her if she was dating anyone and she went all out telling me about this guy Matt. She said “I know he is the one for me and when we end up getting engaged I definitely want you to be our photographer.” Well guys here I am shooting her engagement session in D.C.! She wanted to started out with causal “family pictures” with their funny and cute dogs!


After flying in on Saturday and meeting Matt and doing their first session, we put the pups up and headed to Alexandria,VA. When we pulled up it was the one of the cutest little areas and even better I spotted this docking area and went straight to it! What you don’t see in the picture is that their were these ducks around us and all Matt could talk about was duck hunting. He told me all about how Lauren had set up a duck hunt with friends for his birthday and instantly he was hooked. As they were walking towards me, Lauren and Matt and myself was laughing at how excited he was, as you can see and that made these pictures even more amazing!!


After finishing up with the cozy pictures we went into the romantic part of the session. Between the outfit changes and walking around I was able to see all the small details of this little town and learning about the fun things these two do. I learned so much in such a small time, saw so many people around and laughed the whole time. I pretty much watched the love and care these two have for one another and learned how they both ended up in D.C. together. After we finished with their shoot, they took me out to dinner at Matchbox which SO good and then we went to see the monuments at night time and finished off the next morning with a tour of the tomb of the unknown solider! I left D.C. with not only a newly engaged couple but new friends and tons of memories! Now I can not wait for their wedding at the Biltmore in May!