Styling Tip 101

The biggest question all my clients ask me is what they should wear to their session?! When I first started photography I honestly thought anything you wanted was fine. Over the years I learned that it DOES MATTER for both people! When you really think about it, when do you get to be in front of a camera and not behind it or taking a selfie?? So it may seem a little silly but when you are planning your engagement, anniversary or just updated professional pictures, I really say get into “going all out!” Buy that dress that you want your soon to be hubby to see you in or dress up for that 5 year  anniversary session!! When I first started recommending having hair and makeup done I thought my clients would look at me like I was crazy! What I found out though is that everyone ended up WAY happier with their portraits and felt more confident during their shoot! As for the fellas, they ended up having a great time spinning their loved one around and bringing her in real close which made for AMAZING and UNPOSED images! So when you plan your next professional photo session with your photographer just take a minute and spice things up! You’ll be HAPPY that you did!