“PORCHtraits” | Tiffanie + Ray

During COVID-19 I wanted to bring some kind of joy to everyone’s “new normal.” The thought behind this was to show your family 20 years from now what was going on in this portrait! I asked Tiffanie + Ray (who are a past ADP bride and groom!) How their lives are looking right now! Their answers were SOO much fun. I mean they came up with a in home date night. How creative and fun is that!


What have you been doing during your time at home?


We have also been doing a lot of date nights. It sounds crazy because we can’t go to a dine-in restaurant, but we have been setting the table, playing music, getting dressed and ordering take out. It is something that we both look forward too every Friday night.


Raymond and I started our garden early this year. We have been planting our tomatoes, peppers and green beans.

We have also binge watched a lot of shows on Netflix.


Raymond is also teaching me how to grill, which seems scary but hey I am actually giving him a run for his money.



What have you enjoyed while being at home?


We have enjoyed more family time. You never realize how much time of your day you spend working or commuting until you get to work from home. We have also enjoyed more home cooked meals.


We also take a family walk every evening. Sadie, our dog, knows that around 7:30pm is walk time. She gets everyone up and out the door. Raymond and I are able to talk about our day and catch up.


Before dinner we host our own cocktail hour on the back porch. Raymond has a margarita waiting for me when I get home from work. We enjoy being outside and talking.



What have you been watching lately?


We have been watching a lot of Kitchen Nightmares and trying to attempt some of Gordon Ramsay’s dishes at home…not working out for us. We have been watching 9-1-1. It’s a show about first responders in California. It always has great storylines and an even better play list of music that makes both of us burst out in song and occasionally dance. We have also been watching Designated Survivor on Netflix. Our guilty pleasure is to watch Nailed it on Neflix. It makes me feel betting about how not talented i am at baking.

I honestly have been watch the Outer Banks when I send Ray outside to do yard work. I should be cleaning the house but instead I’m catching up on my show.



Best part of doing session this “type” of session?


The best part of doing the session is our photographer. Being able to continue to connect with her after our wedding is amazing. I have been telling Raymond since day one we will always use Ashleigh as our photographer for all of our milestones.


Another part I loved about the photo shoot was the fact that we got to take a family photo. We have always talked about getting pictures taken with our dog, but worried about the way she would behave outside of the house. Taking photos at home gave us the ability to take some photos with her and then take her inside.


We also enjoyed documenting our first house together and celebrating our 6 month wedding anniversary with a photo shoot.


Photography taken during COVID-19

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