Kelsey+ William | Downtown Lexington Maternity

Remember when I told you guys I use to work for an OBGYN office! I met a lot of sweet and fun couples this way too! When Kelsey reached out to me about doing their maternity session I was BEYOND excited. I walked through almost all of their pregnancy together before going full time photographer. Getting to know a couple for almost 9 months is really a lot of fun. You get to see all the sides of them and can even make a friendship. We laughed our way through their maternity session and then chatted for awhile afterwards too. I really can not wait to SEE these two as PARENTS! Taylor Grace you are going to be so well taken of and loved by your parents!


How did you tell you hubby you guys were pregnant?

I took a test the day before, then took another one after work the next day to be SURE. And I told him I had a surprised present I ordered for him when he got home. Made him close his eyes and open it and of course he took the top off pee stick test when he opened it !!!!! But anyways he had no clue at all!

Any funny cravings?

Funny cravings would be pickles and sweets together!

Best thing about being pregnant?

Hmmmm best thing about being pregnant for us I think is knowing that everything’s going to change but also how exciting it is to look forward to this next chapter and navigating it together! Also watching William become a girl dad!

Funniest moment of pregnancy?

Funniest moment I gotta think on! I mean I’ve definitely learned pregnancy brain is a thing for someone who is always on the ball. That’s why we’re naming our daughter Taylor Grace (because everyone could use a little grace at times)


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