The Pros of Pre-Ceremony First Look Photography

“First Look” photography has really started to become a thing. If you’re not sure what a “first look” is or never heard of it. Well I’m here to explain exactly that! For me, it is one of the sweetest moments of the wedding day. I even had a first look with my husband Cody. So a first look is this magical moment when your spouse first sets eyes on you. It’s a real emotional moment between the couple. This growing trend is to have this intimate moment privately BEFORE your ceremony, with just your wedding photographer, to capture that special, candid first look between you both.

The first look will literally take your breath away; the wave of love that you both feel for each other will be over the top. Also it’s a time to really SPEND together with no INTERRUPTIONS. Just you and your spouse. You can hug one another, kiss one another and the BEST PART…YOU GET TO SPEND MORE TIME TOGETHER ON YOUR WEDDING DAY! You get to hang out with the person you love and create even more memories to carry on for a lifetime.

Here is another plus of a first look. You get to have all the main photos such as wedding party and family portraits finished before the ceremony. This way you can get to your guest and mingle rather than being whisked away. This is a great time for candid and photo-journalistic pictures with you two in them!


First look of a husband and wife before the ceremony at Adams Pond in Columbia South Carolina


Venue | Adam’s Pond

Florist |The Poppy

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