Should I do a first look?

As your photographer, I’ll tell you right away that I love love love first looks. But, this is definitely a decision you and your spouse have to agree on together. I totally understand and respect the tradition of waiting until you see each other walking down the aisle. But for today, I’ll share my own experience as a bride, and why we decided together that this was what we wanted.

Cody and I did a first look at our wedding and loved it. We were able to spend more time together on our wedding day and the emotion of getting to see one another alone is indescribable. Looking back, I really think that’s something couples wish they had put more emphasis on – spending time together that day. It’s so easy to get pulled in a thousand directions. One tip I’ve learned is to specifically put time on your timeline for just the two of you. Whether it’s your first look, a few private moments to read personal vows, time to eat together before joining the crowd, whatever it is- take that time for yourselves because it flies, y’all.

Back to the reasons we said yes to a first look- Nothing says “authentically you” like a candid moment of you and spouse. Genuine reactions, smiles, laughter, tears. We live for happy tears, don’t we? This is what you get in those first moments of seeing your forever person on the day it’s officially forever. Not to mention the relief you feel seeing them. The buildup of nerves is real. But seeing your person before the big moment can really make you relaxed and at ease. I think one major misconception is that doing a first look ruins or spoils the ceremony- I can honestly tell you that nothing, nothing, could ruin the moment your eyes lock as you walk down the aisle. Consider saving your veil or other accessories for the ceremony, that way there’s still a moment of surprise for your partner.

Outside of easing nerves and spending more time together, there are other reasons couples choose to do a first look. One major benefit to this is getting a majority of your photos done before the ceremony. This saves so much time afterward and affords that extra time to be spent with your loved ones. We’ve all been there anxiously waiting for the couple to arrive at the reception post-ceremony. This way, you get beautiful intimate photos done ahead of time and with a lot less eyes on you!

If you’re still on the fence about having a first look, sit down with your spouse and really go through the pros and cons for your specific day. Make sure both of you feel confident and excited no matter what decision you make. You’ll remember this day forever.

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