Celebrating Mom

This week on the blog we want to celebrate Motherhood in all stages. What an honor as a photographer to capture these special little moments with the one you call “Mom”.

Maternity. Motherhood. Generations of Strong Women.

With a job as a photographer and having the pleasure to photograph some of the most special, delicate and memorable moments in someone’s life is something I don’t take for granted. While I love all of the milestones throughout life there is just something about photographing an expecting Mother, Mom’s with a crazy bunch and especially a generational photograph that just holds a special place in my heart. This week I wanted to take a moment on the blog to celebrate Mother’s Day and all of the strong women raising others that I get the pleasure to have as clients. While for some I know this is hard to celebrate as some are either in your waiting season for your turn, have recently lost a loved one or even have all of the generations together there is just something monumental about each Mother’s Day.

A new turn into my career has been focusing on weddings but also enhancing my creativity on the Motherhood investment. (Husbands: I am looking at you for a gift idea! Wink, Wink!) While capturing your special moments entering motherhood I want to bring my creativity to the table, capture natural emotion, and fantastic lighting to create the timeless portraits your family will enjoy for years to come. As a photographer this gives me the opportunity to zone in on my passions as well as getting my creative juices flowing to best meet the your wants to showcase this special time.

I hope everyone this weekend celebrates a Mom, Grandmother, Aunt who is like a Mom, whatever the case may be and truly cherish these memories.

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