Bridal Bouquets of Summer

One of the most beautiful features of a wedding is the floral arrangements as centerpieces and bouquets. The bridal bouquet piece is such a highlight of the personality of the wedding, the bride and brings her vision to life. Summer is one of the seasons where BOLD colors come to fruition to showcase that full vision. The bright pinks, vibrant greenery, oranges, and airy whites just seem to have a crisper feel in the summer.

There are so many ways to partner up these colors in bouquets. Some of them seem to have a citrus flare with orange and yellow flowers for that color explosion while others have a candy theme and highlight the pinks and lime greens. No matter how you match up these colors they all flow nicely together and highlight the season.

Last but not least, let’s talk about texture! When looking at a bridal bouquet I feel that this is one of the biggest things that grabs the attention and shows personality. In the photograph above the mixture of textures by not just using flowers brings so much depth and character to the arrangement and vibe of the wedding. These textures can be used to bring warmth or and even length to the bouquet. For the brides who choose a dress with a lot of volume they sometimes want something to elongate their torso and bring the focus back on the face of the beautiful bride. Using textures like this can enhance the vision of the bride as a whole and focus the attention where it should be – on the BRIDE!

This was such a fun blog and I look forward as we get into the full swing of Summer wedding season to see all of the personality, character and vibrant bouquets to come!

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