Bridesmaid Dresses

There are so many styles, materials and genres of bridesmaid dresses. Some think there are many “rules” to follow when choosing a bridesmaid dress. “They need to look good on everyone” or “Can they wear this again to another event?” It needs to flow with the theme of the wedding, color scheme, comfort for your closest support system, and most importantly that they can hit the dance floor with you all night long. What makes a bridesmaid dress great? Looking into different styles some choose sweet and simple while other brides choose an elegant and classic look. Consider looking at these pictures for years to come and still love your decision. For many brides, this is a HUGE step!

There are a few things to ask yourself as a bride. First things first: long or short? and then matching or not? A few main questions to find your inspiration, “Do they all need to match”? “Can I be the type of bride to let my ladies pick out their own style to feel most comfortable?” A few things to consider when choosing a bridesmaids dress is also the material each dress is made of. Some materials can pull different hues of the color you choose. “How will these look with the suits/tuxes of the guys?” All of these things can be so tough to picture in your mind without them directly in front of you. ALL is okay!

At the end of the day your best support system you choose to stand with you on this most important day will love anything you decide. Choosing a classic and elegant bridesmaid dress, anything to fit your style will be the way to go. Classic never goes out of style and will enhance your wedding to another level. Enjoy looking your best with the family you choose, your friends.

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