First off I just want to say, I’m not perfect and secondly I’m not a bible pusher. I’m one of those people I learn and look up to people who live the right way with a great soul. Being kind to others, being up front and honest, telling it how it is but with a […]


March 12, 2019

Is it worth my time?!

Wedding Gown : London + Lace Bridesmaid Dress: Bella Bridesmaids Hair + makeup: Mckenzie Walpole Flowers: Handmade by me with Publix flowers! Models: Alex Gaskins, Wesley Mitchell, Allison Braun  


March 1, 2019

Columbia Styled Shoot

“You’ll be able to count the number of friends on one hand when you get older.” Grandma said to me one evening sitting in the living room. “You say that but I promise that won’t happen to me!” I giggled back to her. Then there was this little question of what if she is right. […]

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February 25, 2019

Daily Living #3 – Friendships

What an amazing couple Nikki + JM are! I knew of Nikki years ago because her sister married a good friend of mine! Little did I know, when I went to go have my braces placed on Nikki was working there at the same time. We started talking more and more when I came in […]


February 25, 2019

Mr. + Mrs. Aun

When starting a business it may feel like you’re against everyone. That is far from the truth though! I remember when I started getting into photography, I would compare myself and envy the person afar. Little did I know at that time that there is WAY more out there than trying to be better than […]

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February 20, 2019

Community Over Competition

Getting closer to having more than $10.50 in your bank account! I don’t know if you have ever been there, you know only having $10.50 in your bank account! I have multiple times!! I use to think how am I going to eat or pay my rent or enjoy a Friday night. A few years […]

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February 18, 2019

Daily Living #2 Money Money Money

Bare with me! I am far from prefect, I do not have all the right answers but I can share my experiences and lessons I have learned so far. I hope this will help you in some way, if anything make you feel like you are not alone! Since this is my first “Daily Living” […]

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February 17, 2019

Daily Living #1 – How to Figure out your next steps!

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