Open Letter to Moms

It’s Sunday morning.

The house is quiet. Finally. You head to the laundry room, getting ready to fold one of the multiple loads you do every single day. You have a newborn who spits up, or a toddler who’s played really hard outside all week. As you fold laundry, you notice the dishes piled up. Taking a moment to yourself, you finish the clothes and head over to the sink. You pick up your toddlers favorite cup, thinking about last nights dinner. How hard he had you laughing at his “serious” conversation. It brought a small “this is all worth it” ┬ásmile to your face.

You start thinking about the first time you felt your baby kick. How your life would look being a mom. You didn’t really picture the nights of no sleep or random trips to doctor for your sick little one. Sometimes you find yourself thinking “no one notices who I am anymore.”

I don’t have children of my own, but I’m around friends who are moms. The reality is everyone notices you. I notice you. I love seeing how much your toddler laughs at running in circles. Running to you when they skinned their little knee. Watching how you manage work, marriage, meals and even how you get your child bathed. Then taking a shower for yourself all in one day. I mean I run from the idea of giving my golden retriever a bath! I notice you in your child’s personality. Think about it. Your child will go through life with a piece of you in them forever. That in its self is SO SPECIAL!

Also, can we talk about how you know your child like the back of your hand. Fact of the matter is, you can tell exactly what they want or need even before they say it.

Moms, the next time your folding laundry, tired from a long day or cant remember the last time you went to the bathroom alone. Thinking I really don’t want to play hide and seek for the 1000th time today. That someone else seems to have a better life on “social media.”


Remember this:


You are simply amazing. You might not feel like it on some days. But know that there are other people looking up to. Cheering you on daily. I know I am! Your little one admires you and loves having your attention and loves you for YOU. How amazing is it to know someone loves you when your having an off day, a messy bun on top of your head, burned French toast while trying to do a work phone call and making sure your toddler is safe during a pandemic.


Happy Mother’s Day Weekend MOMS!!




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