A View From Home

This weekend was just what I needed.

A weekend full of friends and family. Riding along backroads laughing and singing to music. Cookouts underneath the trees. Celebrating our mothers for Mother’s Day. Even Cody giving me flowers from the pups!

This past Thursday, my dad was admitted to the hospital for kidney failure. With everything going on, no one is allowed up at the hospital. Which I completely understand. It’s just tough to hear that ya know. Stephanie and I told my mom to head over to the house and we just spent some time together outside. We didn’t have a plan other than to just be around one another. There’s no book on how to deal with life, right? So we just tried to enjoy the weekend the best we knew how. If not, we were going to worry ourselves to death.

After Cody clocked out for work on Friday, we snagged an earlier dinner at one of the local owned business, Steves Deli. It’s a favorite of ours because they have a little bit of everything and the people who work there, have been there for years. We headed back towards the house with chicken tenders and a delicious wrap with onion rings and seasoned fries. No cares about diet during COVID! Then we jumped on the ranger and made our way over to my sisters. When we walked up, we spotted our friend T.J. who we haven’t seen in forever it feels like ( T.J. this is just for you! haha) We all hung out in the shop and caught up and cracked jokes. Exactly what my soul needed.

Saturday came a little early, but it was perfectly fine! I rolled out the bed and got myself ready and headed towards the state house. Leaving Cody and the pups asleep in the bed. I spent some time photographing a nursing graduate! Celebrating exciting events like that is always the best! With everything going on with my dad, our original plans for my mom was changed to Sunday.

On the way back home, Steph called me asking if we wanted to take a trip to hang out with our friend Brittany and her family. So we loaded up the ranger and followed behind them out to Saulda. As we were riding back roads, we would find little stops and hang out for a bit. No schedule to the day, just taking it minute by minute. When we headed back to the house, we grilled out and watched the kids play until they fell asleep. If you didn’t know this it was 44 degrees (in May!) So we watched the guys cut wood (which was a trip to watch) and started a fire!

The next morning, we woke up and had plans to head out to Cody’s mom’s for mother’s day. But we had to change a few things up. Cody’s family made their way over to our house. While we waited, we attempted to grab a family picture of us with the pups. That itself was interesting haha! When everyone made it to the house, we sat underneath the trees and cooked out! Enjoying some wine and listening to mom stories as I like to call it! We finished off with an apple pie dessert and everybody left full. Then we headed over to my sisters to spend time with my mom!

After we pulled out of Steph’s, Cody asked if I wanted to ride for a few more minutes since it was such a beautiful day. He found a few off roading trails that ended up being such a good time. When we finally made it back home we hopped on the couch and cut on a movie. During the movie Cody said, “Some Krispy Kreme donuts sure sounds good” haha so I what did I do. I tried ordering delivery and our assorted donuts were suppose to arrive by 8:40 pm. WELL, I’m still laughing as I type this. 8:40 rolled around and no donuts, then 9:40pm rolled around and still no donuts. After heading to bed, I was like “Well babe, maybe will wake up to donuts sitting on the porch!” At 11:00 pm my phone went off saying our order had been cancelled. I wasn’t even mad haha!

So, to say the least. With everything going on, my friends and family and the hubby. Made it one of the best weekends without even realizing it!

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