My Top 5 Wedding “GO TO” Poses

Sometimes, small changes make the biggest difference! For me, I love when an image speaks for itself. When I’m posing two people in front of the camera, I’m making sure they are comfortable and close! On wedding days it’s a little different!

I never have to tell my couples to hold hands! They are so into their emotions, all they want to do is grab onto their spouse. I mean I know I did when I got married!

So here are My top 5 wedding poses:

Pose #1 : I have the groom guide his bride towards me! While he’s guiding her, she is trusting him as they walk. Her eyes never leaving him!


Pose #2 : I have the two walk past my camera, holding hands and talking. I make sure to place the groom furthest away from my camera so I can capture HIS expressions. Brides LOVE seeing their mans feelings about them!


Pose #3 : Place me under the veil! THIS is my GO to shot! I’ll have the groom bring his bride into him real snug while I’m placing the veil over them. Underneath the veil, you’ll hear two people laughing as their getting super close together. Then I pop underneath the veil with you haha! This pose just speaks for itself!


Pose #4 : The alter shot! This is a REALLY IMPORTANT one. Usually the bride has had the alter decorated beautifully. I mean this is where the “Vows” do you happen at! So I like to grab my bride and groom right before we start their husband and wife portraits and photograph just them.


Pose #5: This is what I call – Walking Into Marriage pose! I have my couple grab hands, flowers and all. I tell them to walk away from me and just enjoy this moment together because its officially time to go celebrate with everyone at the reception!

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