First off, can we just take a minute to talk about how absolutely STUNNING Elizabeth is? Her beauty is absolutely radiant! I love getting to do bridals with my brides before the big day. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to test out hair and makeup, and you get to wear your dress and really […]

Have you ever felt burnout even when you’re doing something you love? Whether you’re a photographer, a florist, or you sit behind a computer all day, burnout is real. It makes you wonder, what really brings me joy? I am feeding into things that make me happy, confident, accomplished? Or am I stuck in a […]

Have you been trying to figure out the vibe of your save the dates and wedding invitations?! Are you asking yourself, “Should I send out a virtual online card or would my guest prefer something in their hands?” Personally, I love walking to my mailbox and seeing an envelope addressed to “The Fallaw’s.” As I […]

The other day I was standing around talking with some girlfriends. We were chatting about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. By the way, surround yourself with people who you can be open and honest with and not filled with judgment. They all had voiced that they loved how I shared my life. The good, the […]

For anyone who needs to hear this. Keep reading. I needed this more than ever. There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. A time to plan and a time to uproot, A time to mourn and a time to dance, A time to search and a time […]

I seriously can not believe Cody and I are celebrating our one-year anniversary! I feel like I blinked and we’re here. This year of marriage has taught me a lot about myself and how to trust in what God’s plans are. The day after our wedding, we headed up to the urgent care to have […]